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What Is Public Art? 

In the most general terms, “public art” is defined as works of art displayed in public spaces. Some would further define it as works acquired by donations or purchased with public funds and made accessible for the public to enjoy.

At its best, public art engages the community it serves, and it enhances the location and space it is displayed in. Whether it is cast, carved, built, assembled, painted, sung, danced, read or played public art aims to be an expression of the collective community.


In partnership with the Commission on Public Art (COPA) we fund the installation of several mural projects throughout Leesburg.

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Our first installation of Public Art was the sculpture exhibit at Raflo Park on Harrison Street in Downtown Leesburg.  Called Art sPARKs, this two-year exhibit displays five works by local artists. 

Why Is It So Important?

Cities around the country have gained value through public art – culturally, socially, and economically. Public art can display the history and culture of our area. At the intersection between past, present and future, between disciplines and ideas; public art tells the story of our unique town.


Get Lost,  Get Crazy,  Get Art!

We're here for you!  Our events are planned to promote the experience and enjoyment of Public Art  Whether your passion is music, art, dance join us and experience the love in downtown Leesburg!

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Leesburg Arts & Cultural District

In 2021 the Leesburg Art & Cultural District was launched. This encompasses historic downtown Leesburg and surrounding areas 
Leesburg Arts & Cultural District - Logo - 2021.jpeg
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