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Sculpture Walk at Frank Raflo Park, Harrison Street in Historic Downtown Leesburg, VA


This program is a project of the Leesburg Commission on Public Art

The Town of Leesburg’s Commission on Public Art (COPA), in cooperation with the Friends of Leesburg Public Art (FOLPA),  presents it's third installation of it's “sculpture on loan” program for the period 2020-2022.  

Located along a walkway in Raflo Park on Harrison Street in downtown Leesburg, VA, the exhibit goes from the new Crescent Place development to the W&OD bike trail.  The permanent concrete pads were donated to the project by the Lansdowne Development Group and financial support  from Middleburg Bank.

All sculptures are available for sale.  20% of the proceeds from the sale of the sculpture will go back into the program through FOLPA for subsequent years and potential expansion of the exhibition.

To purchase one of the sculptures, contact our Treasurer, Dianne Capilongo at dianne@leesburgpublicarts.org   or contact the artist directly.

2020-2022 Installations:

Pedestal 1:  Low-Poly Open Heart (R.I.D.E.)

Artist:  m.l. duffy

5’ x 5’ x 2.5’

Weight – approx. 67 lbs.

Welded laser-cut aluminum diamond plate

Price:  $25,000

The Low-Poly Open Heart series was inspired by the artist’s wife Lizzie. While she was away on a trip to Japan with The Phillips Collection, one of his students showed him a computer program he was experimenting with for making digital 3D models. Mr. Duffy decided to try the program himself, making a 3D heart. After numerous iterations, the final form consisted of 96 offset triangular polygons made from laser-cut aluminum diamond plate; a rough, industrial aesthetic for an embarrassingly soft sentiment.

Pedestal 2:  Unbroken Circle #4

Artist:  Sally Myers

8’ x 18” x 5’6”

Weight – approx. 210 lbs.

Welded and forged steel and copper

Price:  $9,000

Unbroken Circle #4 is a celebration of a moment. The black birds appear to be landing for a short while and the swallows seem to be flying in and out. The warm copper flowers welcome you. The artist borrowed the gestures and forms of these animals and plants to capture some essence, something that rings true about them. An ancient Chinese quote offers, “first you see the hills in the painting, then you see the painting in the hills.” After seeing these birds and flowers, the artist hopes you begin to see your world a little differently.

Pedestal 3:  Kintsugi Heart

Artist:  Kim Pourciau Kim

5’ x 3” x 1’6”

Weight – approx. 220 lbs.

Steel and concrete

Price:  $3,000

The sculpture is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold. It's a practice that teaches broken is not something to hide, and it does not lessen the value. Quite the opposite, it celebrates the "scars," making the object more beautiful. It celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit and evokes a spirit of hope in our ability to overcome.

Pedestal 4:  Sun Flower

Artist:  Alyssa Imes

8.5’ x 6.25’ x 6.25’

Weight – approx. 300 lbs.

Steel, Enamel Paint, Paracord

Price:  $8,000

Sun Flower uses warm, sunny colors and geometric shapes to create an abstracted flower, because only with warmth and care, people can truly blossom and bring joy to others with their beauty.

Pedestal 5:  Welcome, the Iconic Hand

Aritst:  Brian Kirk

6.5’ x 4’ x 3’

Weight – approx. 130 lbs.

Welded steel with blue powder coating

Price: $2,200

With Special Thanks to the Sponsors of this Installation: 

  • Keane Enterprises

  • Larkin Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

  • Rotary Club of Leesburg




2018-2020 Installations:

Pedestal 1:  Kool Dudes *2018 People's Choice Award

Artist:  Jim Koenig

Height – 5’-4” Width – approx. 3.5’ at platform Depth – approx. 2’ at platform

Weight – approx. 50 lbs.

Base size – approx. 2’X2’

Tree Roots

Price:  $495.

Locally sourced (Loudoun County) cedar roots for the dudes and base supports; platform is pressure treated plywood. Cedar is a naturally rot resistant material and treated plywood is specifically made for outdoor use. Assembly hardware is rust resistant. Sculpture will be anchored with galvanized “L” brackets on the existing wood platform or using bolts and “L” brackets, if platform is removed. The plastic sunglasses were found along the banks of the Shenandoah after a flood and if vandalized can be readily replaced from my inventory of over 50 pairs retrieved after floods.

Pedestal 2:  Rural Landscape

Artist:  Brian D Kirk

Welded and painted steel, 2’ x 2’ x 5’, 2014

Price:  $1800.

Rural Landscape displays my appreciation for choosing to live in the rural setting of western Loudoun County. Surrounded by the mountains and beautiful natural flora and fauna of the area I choose to simplify and live in harmony with nature.

Pedestal 3:  In The Brew, 2016

Artist:  Peter Wood

Steel,  Dimensions: 76" height, 48" depth, 32" width


Price:  $2800.

The In the Brew is an assemblage of found objects that portrays the many aspects or experiences that makes up each one of us. Patterns cut into the form represents the scars for the tough times, but still allow some light to shine through. Sometimes we find ourselves In The Brew, but that is what makes it life.

Pedestal 4:  Phoenix, 2018

Artist:  Peter Wood

Steel,  Dimensions: 84" height, 40" depth, 62" width

Price:  $3600.

In these unsettling times, Phoenix reminds us that we will also raise out of the ashes to continue on more beautiful than before. Bolted and welded, the curved, flowing steel pieces come together to inspire us to look to the future.

Pedestal 5:  Pollinator, 2018

Aritst:  Michael Clay


Price: $1900

With Special Thanks to the Sponsors of this Installation: 

Rotary Club of Leesburg

Middleburg Bank:  A Division of Access National Bank

Larkin Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

2016-2018 Installations:

PEDESTAL 1: Sproutman,  2015
Welded and Painted Steel,  
Artist: Brian D. Kirk

Price:  $2,200

Sproutman” is a whimsical welded and forged steel artwork inspired by the natural growth of plants. The anthropomorphic form gives the appearance of a growing plant ripe with fruit. “Sproutman” embodies a variety of metal working techniques including cutting, bending, forging and welding.

Sponsored by:  Burgevin and Larkin of Wells Fargo

PEDESTAL 2: Unity, 2015 
Artist: Brian D. Kirk

Price:  $1,800

Unity” was created using heavy, recycled, circular steel scrap cut-outs and fabricated with an arc welder. The bold, geometrical design is grounded by the 4 foot, 1.5 inch steel disk. A curved steel pipe draws the eye upward. The artwork is inspired by the circle in an attempt  break the more traditional angular use of steel in architecture. The geometric shapes in nify the asymmetrical composition.

Snsored by:  Rehau Unlimited Polymer Solution

PEDESTAL 3: The Artist, 2015 
Steel Artist:  Peter Wood

Price: $2,800

This sculpture invites the viewer to stop and take a moment to reflect on what is around them. Patterns cut into the form allowing light to come through so the viewer can see what’s beyond what is directly in front of them. Inspired by the nature around us, there is so much to see.

Sponsored by:  Knutson

PEDESTAL 4: Trail Blazer, 2015 
Steel Artist:  Peter Wood

Price: $1,400   (SOLD)

Trail Blazer is static but invokes the feeling of motion. It is my hope this sculpture inspires and motivates others to forge ahead. Perhaps the visitor to Raflo Park will view this sculpture and image the possibilities for their path ahead.

Sponsored by:  Lawrence and Suzanne Stipek

PEDESTAL 5:  Birdhouse #6, 2015 *People's Choice Award
Steel Artist: Michael M. Clay

Price: $2,200

This sculpture is the sixth in a series of birdhouses exploring the dichotomy between nature and architecture.

Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Leesburg

2016-2018  Sponsors:

Middleburg Bank, A Division of Access National Bank

Lansdowne Development Group

Rotary Club of Leesburg

Friends of Leesburg Public Arts
Leesburg Commission on Public Art



Meet The Artists

m.l. duffy, ARTIST

Washington, DC

Duffy was born in Long Island, but has lived in the Washington, DC area most of his life. He earned a BA in Art-Studio at the University of Maryland, and received his MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London (UK). He teaches art at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC during the day, and at night he makes public sculptures and helps fabricate work for other artists.




Winchester, VA

Sally makes her sculptures on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley. She earned a BFA from VCU and an MFA from the University of Washington in Seattle. She also has a Master’s degree and Ph.D in Art Education. She has spent much of her career teaching art at Ball State University in Indiana. Her artwork has been shown in national and international exhibitions and collected a few awards along the way. She wants her artwork to embody her respectful and joyous relationship with nature.



Leesburg, VA

Kim earned her BA from Southeastern Louisiana University and her K-12 certification in visual art, special education. She has exhibited her work all over the country, from Virginia to California. Kim was a full-time educator until 2018 and is now a full-time professional artist.



Emmitsburg, MD

Alyssa received her BFA in sculpture from Shepherd University and is currently pursuing her MFA from the University of Maryland. Alyssa loves to use bright colors that match her personality, while her sculptural forms are a reference to her strong dancing background.



Purcellville, VA

Brian teaches metal sculpture welding at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA and is the Fine Arts Department Chair at Stone Bridge High School in  Ashburn, VA where he teaches art.




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