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Leanne Fink

Artist's Bio

LEANNE FINK,, creates representational art that is joyful, sophisticated and imbued with unerring luminosity. Her mastery of color is evident in the healing force that immerses itself in every composition. Her oil and cold wax paintings seem to scintillate with energy. They reach through to the heart of the art lover and inspire calm introspection.


Leanne explains, "Color and texture play important roles in my process. Color drives emotion in art. Juxtaposition of select hues create a vibrational effect in my work. Texture makes a dynamic statement. For example, scratching and gouging suggest fiery movement while one smooth stroke of the palette knife elicits peaceful serenity."


The artist lives and works in Hamilton, Virginia, a suburb of the greater Washington, DC region. Her portfolio includes landscapes from near and far as well as visionary dreamscapes.


Gallery representation includes District Arts, Frederick, MD and Gallery 75 at The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA. Her work is on loan to the US Department of State’s Art in Embassies Program and is currently on exhibit at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan.


INOVA Schar Cancer Institute, Lansdowne, VA has acquired two of her paintings for their permanent collection. Leanne states, “I love creating art that is positive and filled with beautiful color for all to enjoy. I am honored that my work can serve our health care community as a conduit for healing.”


Leanne has received awards of excellence for her work from Manhattan Arts International in addition to national and regional recognition awards. Her art has been included in many juried exhibitions and can be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.


Leanne states, "I look to the beauty of the natural world for inspiration. Although I enjoy exploring dream imagery and conceptual art, I seem to always return to the land. It's like a sacred trust. A feeling of joy takes over when I work on a landscape. Doesn't matter if I am out in the field or in my studio. I enjoy both. Perhaps I am painting for posterity in order to preserve what may not be around in the future. Perhaps I am painting to help heal the spirit. I do not know the answer. Art can be a powerful tool. It has a way of steering the conversation. My wish is that my work will uplift those who view it. On a deeper level, I hope it will raise awareness for the fragile beauty that surrounds us."


Since early childhood, Leanne has been drawing and painting. She holds a BFA from Seton Hall University and a Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College. A career as an established commercial artist and art director led to the creation of her own ad agency. After retirement from two decades in practice as a doctor of chiropractic, life has come full circle. She considers her return to oil painting a gift to be treasured every day.


Leanne participates in biannual invitational exhibits at American Painting Fine Art Gallery, Washington, DC. One of her favorite annual charitable events is the prestigious Art of the Piedmont, Upperville, VA which benefits Middleburg Montessori School.


In addition to being a member of the curated and invitational Manhattan Arts International online art gallery, Leanne is also a member of National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS), American Impressionist Society, The Art League-Alexandria, and The Artists in Middleburg Gallery. She is on the Art Advisory Board of Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA. Website


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Up on the Hill.jpg


Up on the Hill


The Brown Iris

The Brown Iris, 12 x 9, Oil & Cold Wax on Linen,

The Brown Iris.jpg
Space and Time.jpg


Space and Time

Space and Time, 24 x 24, Oil & Cold Wax on Linen,


Before the Storm

Before the Storm, 8 x 10, Oil on Linen,

Before the Storm.jpg
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